Top 5 Reasons People Visit 24 Hour Emergency Care

imagesOverburdened hospital emergency rooms may find some relief with the availability of 24 hour medical clinics in the immediate or surrounding areas. When faced with an emergency situation, more and more patients are turning to their local walk in clinic first for several reasons. Here are five reasons that most people agree as what to makes 24 hour medical facilities their emergency hospital of choice.

Shorter Wait Times
According to the 2010 Press Ganey Pulse Report, the average wait time in a United States hospital emergency room was slightly over four hours. A 24 hour emergency clinic experiences significantly shorter wait times, some offering first doctor to patient contact within approximately 15 minutes of arrival. For many, this eliminates the fear of sitting in a crowded room with no indication as to the expected wait time.If you wish to learn more about this, visit

Quality of Care
Free standing emergency rooms like this provide experienced and board certified physicians, nurses, and support staff with specialized training in the field of emergency services. Staffing ratios are higher in a 24/7 urgent care facility than can be found with a hospital emergency room setting allowing for a lower stress (2)

All In One Services
From evaluation to diagnosis, emergency equipment such as X-Rays and CT Scanners are available in these clinics as well as on site lab services for blood work. The intimate environment of a 24 hour emergency clinic means that results are typically read and conveyed to the attending physician and patient in a much timelier manner than ER testing. Due to the volume of patients a traditional Emergency Room tends to receive, reading test results and conveying that information to the patient can become secondary to new ER check-ins.

Direct Hospital Admission
If it is determined that a patient requires more care or a longer period of treatment than can be provided at the free standing medical clinic, staff will ensure that the person is admitted promptly to the hospital of their choice. A walk in emergency clinic typically develops relationships with hospitals in the area and maintains signed agreements with them allowing for direct admission of that patient to a hospital bed without delay.

Ease of Use
An emergency medical clinic often appears and operates more like a comfortable doctor’s office than an emergency room. A hospital emergency room’s check-in process can feel overwhelming and the uncertainty of the wait time can add to the stress of an already heightened situation. 24 hour medical clinic staff assists with the check-in process and are able to provide information and answer questions in a relaxed setting.