Sensimar Samui-About Resort in Thailand

2Considered to be one of the most romantic countries in the world, Thailand is a dream destination with exotic locations. So if it’s a honeymoon trip that you are looking for, place your trust in Thailand tourism and waste no time in booking your package tour for Thailand! Though the nation in entirety is gorgeous, these are some of the best places to visit, all of which are sure to make your honeymoon a delightful and unforgettable one! Phi Phi, a little beach hut for two by the azure waters of the Indian ocean, which shimmer magically in the sunlight and are second only to the glow in the eyes of your loved one as you both sit together in undisturbed serenity – this is a dream that the Phi Phi islands bring to life. Exhilarating scenery to treat the eyes to and spectacular beaches to spend calm evenings by, Phi Phi is also great for scuba diving and snorkeling. Sailing is another activity honeymooners can indulge in, with plenty of secluded anchorages around.¬†You may find more information at Sensimar Samui.

Hua Hin, a lovely little fishing village that offers wonderfully romantic villas, Hua Hin seems to be right out of a wistful celluloid love story. Sit by the picturesque cafes here and indulge in the freshest possible sea food, walk hand in hand exploring the tiny art galleries or spend a casual evening at the night market here! One of the best features of Thailand tourism, this beautiful getaway has romance written all over! Koh Samui, Koh Samui is a hit with honeymooners due to its incredible range of activities on offer! From lazing around on the beach sunbathing and taking leisurely dives into the ocean to exciting opportunities like snorkeling and kayaking, this destination is guaranteed to make your special vacation a landmark in your relationship!

Phuket, the most popular Thailand packages are those for Phuket! There are stunning luxury resorts here, along with excellent swimming and diving opportunities. So entwine your arms and venture together to explore Phuket’s quaint cafes, local bands, fresh seafood and numerous islands. In fact, Thailand tourism has packages that even include a wedding! This allows you to not just honeymoon on a Thai beach but actually get married on one before that!

6Bangkok, East meets west in the city of Bangkok like nowhere else! If exciting and fast-paced is what a couple has in mind, this is the city for you. Sophisticated resorts, bustling markets, spectacular amusement shows and a crazy night-life, Bangkok is an exotic city and the perfect choice for those looking for thrill and excitement on their honeymoon!Chiang Mai, Rare though they may be, there are some people who are not particularly fond of the beach. For such a couple, Thailand tour packages for the luxury resorts at Chiang Mai are the best bet. Enjoy your honeymoon by the pool, or venture out into the nearby villages. One can opt for a trip to the elephant camp nearby, a visit to the famous jade factory of Chiang Mai or a trek up to the city’s mountains. A testimony to the place’s beauty is that it is frequented by locals and tourists alike!