Sellers Playbook Amazon Reviews – Advantages

As some of you may know, internet affiliate companies pay out millions of dollars each year to their marketers. Internet marketing is one of the careers that can profit greatly from free affiliate marketing training or even inexpensive training programs. There are internet marketing gurus out there that have been doing this since the internet was created. Did you know that the marketing steps these gurus took a decade ago are completely different from now?Image result for sellers playbook images

For example Google’s AdSense program was purchased by Applied Semantics in 2001 and has become a giant in the internet marketing world. At that time, many marketers took additional free affiliate marketing training so they could learn what AdSense was and how they could profit from it. An issue with AdSense at that time was that multiple ads would be listed for various items on for example but they were listed from many different affiliates. Because affiliates don’t necessarily want to advertise that they aren’t actually, they would set the visual link to show “”. In 2005 Google finally said enough is enough and limited how the ads were being listed and removed multiple ads leading to one website. For marketers that relied on Pay Per Click advertising, this threw a huge curveball into their game and at that time, they had to take advantage of free affiliate marketing training so they could learn how to change their advertising techniques.If you’re interested and want to learn more about them, visit  Sellers Playbook Amazon Reviews.

It’s 2011 now and the game has continued to change. Yahoo and Microsoft/Bing both have programs similar to Google’s AdSense and there are quite a few affiliate companies out there which give you access to the affiliate links and allow you to advertise using other methods. There is also a free website that millions of people use each day which has great potential for internet marketers. What is this website? Facebook!