Pet Cleaner’s Considerations

In the house cleaning business, one of the often most neglected or forgotten factors in cleaning people’s houses are pets.

Cleaning business opportunities can offer you lots of clients with pets, and pets can be quite dangerous to cleaners. During the initial walk through of the place, you may find the pet – especially dogs – harmless because they are so playful and cute with their master around. But what happens if you are not with their master? Will they stay as playful and cute and they were when their master was around? Most probably that won’t be the case. So create good cleaning business opportunities, not “accident opportunities”.

So just as one of those valuable cleaning business tips, do advise your client to put the dog out during your cleaning schedule with them if they won’t be home that time. If they don’t have a place to put the dog outside their homes, like they live in condos or apartments, ask them if they can have the dog in a cage for that time. Or if it is still impossible, do ask them to contain the dog in a room, with the doors closed of course, that you won’t be cleaning that day. To learn about controlling pet odors in the home.

8Clients sometimes forget these things and as a house cleaning business owner, do remind them of this fact. Also do inform them that although your employees are fully covered by liability insurance and bonds, animal attacks are not included in their coverage.

Although most often times this problem does involve pet dogs – big or small – but it doesn’t end there. Other pets like cats, for example, can be quite peaceful animals, but it would be better to keep them contained. If the client’s pets are hamsters or guinea pigs, make sure they are contained too. You don’t want them running around and getting lost. Same goes with ferrets – although these are bigger. If they have birds, make sure that the cages are well closed – you don’t want your clients coming home to an empty bird cage because the bird accidentally got out and flew away.

Another one of those cleaning business tips: have pet reptiles or insects well contained. These pets are not the usual pets, and most people have fears linked to these – snakes, spiders, and the like – so have these contained. Your cleaner with a fear of snakes may be startled by a snake on the loose in the house and they might even get slip because they tried running away, and end up injured. So remember exercise caution on this aspect to avoid having accidents at work.