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paint a brick house – Guide

2_gwzhz6If you have a brick and mortar fireplace in your house, then you should pay special attention to its painting. This is because choosing the right color for the fireplace can convert your ordinary looking leaving room into a majestic and regal room. Most of us make the mistake of choosing the same color as that of the room. Instead, we should check out contrasting colors.Click here to get tips of picking paint for a brick home exterior.

You should also consider leaving the brick fireplace unpainted. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of such an approach is that the fireplace starts looking dirty and shabby very quickly.

Damaged breaks start coming off and the entire structure looks as if it may fall at any moment. On the other hand, a well painted fireplace always looks better. You can opt for ash color for the fireplace so that it looks as if it has been built using ash colored bricks.

53fc61eb9d40a940a1e94e283391e93dThis will help you retain the original cement color of the fireplace without any scope for your house to look shabby. The next time when you paint your house, make sure you log on to the World Wide Web for painting tips. Choosing the right contrasting color will not be very expensive.

This is because the standard fireplace fitted into the wall does not occupy lot of space. If you find it too expensive, you always have the option of doing it at yourself. In any case, do not treat it like any other part of your house. Instead, make it a point to give special attention at all times.