Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food-An Analysis

Image result for Puppy Dry Dog FoodDry dog food has come a long way since the days when pet owners first began to realize that table scraps might not be the best diet to ensure that mans best friend lived a long and healthy life. The dry dog food industry is now a multi billion dollar machine that has created literally thousands of dog food brands. Nutrition is an important factor in good health and wellbeing and it is important if you want your pet to be healthy. Specific brands now cater for specific breeds of pets according to their unique dietary requirements. A responsible pet owner will always ensure that their pet is receiving the best nutritional available on the market today.

Keep in mind that a Chihuahua will have different dietary requirements than a Saint Bernard or other large breed. Kibble is also manufactured in different sizes, smaller for small breeds and larger for large breeds. Special foods have been developed for working dogs, like the cattle herding breeds, which require far more energy than your average house pet. Boxers can be fed a specialized dog kibble that is specifically shaped to suit their unique muzzle shape. Senior dogs dietary requirements vary vastly when compared to that of a growing puppy or a breeding female who has just birthed a litter of puppies. Luckily, all these unique needs have been met by a wide range of dog food manufacturers.Visit

Dry pet food is also more convenient to store and has a longer shelf life than fresh foods. It has been scientifically tested and a reputable pet food brand is guaranteed to contain the ingredients listed on the packaging. Try to steer clear of products that contain artificial flavorings and preservatives. Always try to purchase brands that list meat content in the top five ingredients and steer away from products that contain corn meal and wheat, as these are not natural to a dogs diet. Rather seek out a brand that contains rice and chicken in its first five listed ingredients. Added vitamins and minerals are always a bonus.

Remember that each animal will have varying needs according to its size and amount of energy used during an average days activity. A working dog will need more nutrition than a house pet and an active breed like a Dalmatian will likely need more food than a more sedentary dog breed. The best is to gauge by their overall appearance and weight. Many brands have feeding guides, but if your dog appears overweight, cut back slightly on his food intake until his weight reaches a more healthy range. Alternatively, if he is looking rather underweight, increase his daily intake or give him an extra feed during the day until he picks up to a more healthy weight.