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There are many ways to bet on a horse race, but which bet is the best? That’s a question that must be answered on a case by case, or race by race basis. Start with the race itself and then narrow it down to the each runner in the race. For instance, if the race is a maiden claiming race, are the horses more or less likely to be as predictable as they are in a cheapo claiming race?Image result for horse racing

That depends on the field of horses, but generally with maidens, what you see is what you get. The situation can be quite different with older cheap claimers who are sometimes used to produce betting situations for the stables and also may change radically when they change barns. On the other hand, if the maiden field includes first time starters and horses that are trying a new surface or distance for the first time, that race may be one you want to avoid altogether.

Generally speaking, the first place to start is with one horse and a win bet. Finding a key horse in the race and being able to identify the contenders is how you will finally arrive at which bet is the best. If two horses clearly stand out from the rest, then an exacta box or wheeling those two horses in the trifecta may be the way to go if the field is large enough to have a good shot at getting a longshot in there for third place. One popular way to use two horses in the trifecta is to wheel them on top and then for first and third.Checkout Racing Team Richard Schibell for more info .

Your bet would look like this 12/12/all and 12/all/12. This is assuming there are two stand-out horses and many races don’t have two such horses. In the case of a race with a horse that is a real longshot possibility win is a good place to start because the odds are high enough to warrant a win bet or even a win and place bet. I’m not a big fan of so-called “ladder betting,” but there are times when you might want to put more to place and show on a horse than you would to win if the horse shows a high percentage of “in the money” finishes. A better alternative is usually to key that longshot horse with some other contenders if you can identify them.

In cases where the favorite does indeed seem to be the best horse and where no legitimate second and third choices are identified, it becomes necessary to pass the race because favorites are almost always bet down below the fair value odds. This is just a brief look at the complicated subject of how to bet on a horse race and make a profit.