Hairstyling-Tips & Reviews

Try a mild shampoo, so you’ll need less conditioner. Lather the shampoo between your hands before using and avoid scrubbing your scalp. A gentle wash is enough for people who shower daily. Your scalp produces natural oils and can increase production in response to the dry conditions created by harsh cleansers or hot water. Limp hair gets easily bogged down with conditioners. Once you wash your hair, work with a very light conditioner on just the tips. Although you may work with a “volumizing” conditioner, try to keep it away from the top 3-4 inches of hair closest to your scalp. Most conditioners are “pH balanced” because acidity makes the outside layer of each hair shaft contract and look shiny. This also causes the diameter of the hair shaft to become smaller and lay smoother. For those who need volume in their hair, this is not a desired effect.

tRinse your hair and scalp really well, using lots of lukewarm (never hot!) water to get out every trace of shampoo and conditioner. A great rule of thumb would be to continue rinsing for 10 seconds more after it feels like it is completely rinsed. You have got three options – hairspray, mousse or gel. Use your favorite and apply to the top 3-4 inches of hair closest to your scalp. For hairspray, work with a medium hold and spray lightly while lifting up sections to get full coverage. For gel, use an amount smaller than a dime and mix it with a couple of drops of water in your palm. For gel and mousse, apply to the roots together with your fingertips as evenly as possible and then work down the hair shaft 3-4 inches. Visit-

Blow out your hair upside down, never holding the hairdryer in one place for too long. Start at the roots and work your way out. When your roots are dry and the rest of your hair is still barely damp, flip your hair right side up and style. If you have got never done wet styling before, remember that your hair will dry more quickly because of the alcohols in the hairspray, mousse or gel you used. Start using a hairdryer with a “coolshot” button. Finishing with cool air fixes your hair in place and minimizes fly-aways. Teasing or back-brushing will cause split ends over time and is not suitable for everyday styling, unless you plan to keep your hair short. Start using a light-hold hairspray to finish. Spray lightly with the can about a foot off your head, avoiding the roots where you have already applied product.

kUnless you are very careful together with your morning application, your hair already has as much product in it as it can stand. Adding more could just make it turn gummy. If you are at home, get just your fingertips wet and work them through the top couple inches of hair near the scalp. Flip your hair over and blow it out upside down, finishing with cool air. If you are out in public (and not shy), you can do the same thing with the kind of hot-air hand dryer. Otherwise, you can work with a light application of hairspray on the top couple of inches of hair and hang your head upside down for a minute, till the hairspray has dried.