Best Pool Pump-Tips for Pool Pumps Maintenance

3It’s spring once again and a lot of people will start opening their swimming pools. Families invite their friends to come over to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. They share wines, delicious food, barbecues and chats. The gardens serve, as the backdrop of the parties and swimming pools become the heart of the occasion where everyone can swim, relax and enjoy. If swimming pools become the heart of the occasion, then, pool pumps serve as the heart of the swimming pool. Like a human heart, that circulates blood throughout the body, it circulates the water in the swimming pool to make sure it is clean and doesn’t stagnate. A stagnant pool may result to the growth of algae that makes your pool water green. Therefore it is imperative to make sure that your pump is always in good shape.

So how do you maintain or take care of your pool pumps? Here are some few tips: Check for leaks. A leaking pool pump can damage the pool motor. If the pump leaks at the seal, you may need to tighten it more. If you can see any cracks then you will need to replace the seal plate. If the seal is not causing the leaks, then you may need to look at different parts of your pump. You may need to check out the pump lid gasket, the volute, the suction valve, the drain plugs or the pipe system. If you can’t find the cause of the leaks, then it’s time to consult a professional. best pool pump

2Check for noise. If your pump starts running louder or making noises than usual, then shut it off. Contact your pool professional to assess the condition of your pump. Keep the location of your motor clean and keep it dry. Moist and water may penetrate inside the it which can make it rusty and will prevent from running to its maximum level. Check for debris. Make a habit of checking and emptying skimmer and pump baskets regularly. When the pool pump sucks in water and filters it, debris like leaves or twigs can gather in the basket. Removing the dirt accumulated in the basket will also ensure your pool water is clean. Having a swimming pool is an investment. And like any other investments, maintenance and monitoring to keep it in good shape is important. Therefore, taking care of your pool pumps should be part of your weekly routine to make sure it is in good optimum condition. A well-maintained pool pumps reward its pool owners with clean and balanced swimming pool that their family and friends can enjoy.