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What to do in the event of an Atlanta flood- A Summary

osoyoos-floodHaving a house damaged by fire or water (or both) is a stressful and confusing for the owner to pass. After the initial shock of the situation and ensure the safety of your family and your belongings, you can assess the damage and begin to understand your options for restoration. Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your life, it is imperative to begin the restoration process as soon as possible to prevent further potential damage (such as mold growth, etc.) occur. Check out what to do in the event of an Atlanta flood.

Water damage can occur in several ways. A basement can be flooded after a storm or a pipe under your kitchen sink might burst. Even a small amount of water damage from a leaking pipe can become a major problem if not treated from the outset. Even if you dry the area you use a space heater to speed the process, even using bleach to clean the area, the mold will grow under the surface of the carpet or inside walls. Mold can begin within hours of being wet, so water damage must be treated immediately to limit the damage to grow. Find a catering company that will act quickly to rid your home of excess water and dry thoroughly all surfaces affected. Make sure that all new buildings are inspected to prevent mold growth and the restoration team is allowed to Mold Remediation.

Fire can devastate you and your family and take a toll on your emotions that you deal with adjusters and insurance companies. Fire damage restoration and the restoration of smoke damage may not be an easy task, given the specificity of each fire situation and partly due to toxic gases that are released by burning building materials, such as glues and solvents.

photodune-1206294-damaged-flooded-house-sinking-in-flood-inundation-xsHaving experienced a fire restoration company to quickly assess the damage are important because they can detect and neutralize the chemicals and help secure the building, preservation and protection of valuable personal items. They can work with you insurance company to do the job quickly and professionally, helping you to focus on the safety of your family. May there aspects of restoring your home and possessions to preconditions loss, including cleaning of air duct, deodorizing, wall and floor cleaning, carpet repair and reinstallation of items cleaned .

Finding a restoration company can be a daunting and arduous task, especially when all the emotions that comes with the devastation and loss of a fire or flood. You must make the decision on which company you contract to rebuild your house quickly, but you should also make sure that you’ve made the right choice. Choosing a contractor with no experience can have serious negative effects on personal property and can really make damage worse as time passes.


Types Of Federal Drug Charges That A Lawyer Can Help You Solve

3Since 1970 with the passage of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, also referred to as the Controlled Substances Act, it has been illegal to possess, manufacture or distribute certain drugs known as controlled substances. The Controlled Substances Act categorized these drugs into five schedules, or classifications, and listed the penalties attributable to illegal activity regarding these drugs. Schedule I and II drugs are considered more serious as their use may lead to physical or psychological dependence or have a high potential for abuse.Click here to enable the notifications for- types of federal drug charges that a lawyer can help with.

Although a number of states have legalized the use and possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes or decriminalized the possession of small amounts, federal law preempts any state legislation designed to legalize any controlled substance listed under federal law.

List of Federal Drug Crimes

The Controlled Substances Act lists a number of crimes that come under federal jurisdiction:

Simple possession
This denotes no intent to distribute. You need a valid prescription to possess any controlled substance, though possession of any amount of marijuana, even if legal in your state, is a federal crime.

Drug manufacturing
Manufacturing drugs is illegal as is producing precursor substances used to manufacture certain drugs along with the equipment and capacity to manufacture the drug. This includes knowingly allowing a drug manufacturing lab to operate.

Drug trafficking
This offense encompasses importation from outside the US or within a state. All trafficking offenses involving Schedule I or Schedule II substances receive the same penalty of 20 years to life if a fatality or serious bodily harm results from use of the subject drug.

Certain laws govern conspiracy and the evidence permitted to prove the crime. If there was an agreement between at least 2 people to violate a drug law and each participant knew of the agreement and intended to participate, and at least one act was performed in furtherance of the conspiracy, you can be charged and convicted. These laws make it easier for prosecutors to convict you of any act done, regardless if you actually engaged in it. It also includes any attempt to promote or to facilitate the manufacture, distribution or importation of a controlled substance.

Unlawful distribution
Most drug distribution charges are handled under state law unless there was interstate traffic involved or federal narcotic agents wish to charge you under federal laws.

Continuing criminal enterprise
Also known as the CCE law, it punishes the offender who commits a predicate crime as part of a continuing series of violations and who supervises or manages at least 5 other individuals from whom the offender enjoys a certain gain or benefit. This offense is aimed at professional criminals or drug lords who operate vast drug enterprises.

Sell or transport drug paraphernalia
Buying or possessing drug paraphernalia is illegal, though it may not be illegal if it is used for personal use only. Paraphernalia is any equipment that is primarily intended to be used for processing, manufacturing, converting, concealing, preparing, injecting or introducing it into your body any controlled substance. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor in California.

Federal Penalties

Federal judges impose sentences based on federal sentencing guidelines. They may look at whether a firearm or other weapon was used, if the offense resulted in a fatality or serious injury to anyone and the defendant’s criminal history. There are certain mandatory minimum sentences as well as maximum prison terms for certain crimes. Sentence enhancements may be imposed if any drug activity occurred within a school or other designated zone.

Federal mandatory minimum sentences have come under intense scrutiny with the overwhelming prison population composed in large part of inmates who committed nonviolent drug crimes.

For example, the following 5 year mandatory minimum sentences apply in these drug possession convictions:

100 plants or 100 kilos of marijuana
28 grams of crack cocaine
100 grams of heroin
I gram of LSD
10 grams of PCP
5 grams of pure or 50 grams of impure methamphetamine
These sentences double to 10 years if a certain quantity of the drug is connected to your activity.

If you have a prior felony drug offense, your sentence is doubled. If a death results, your minimum sentence is 20 years while mandatory life in prison is imposed if a death occurs and you have one prior felony drug conviction.

For engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise and a certain quantity of the substance is tied to you, or there is evidence that you received at least $10 million in gross receipts over a 12-month period, ($5 million for methamphetamine and a lesser quantity) you will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Federal drug crimes usually mean extremely harsh sentences. If you face federal charges, contact a criminal defense attorney who regularly practices in the federal courts and is intimately familiar with federal drug laws and court procedures.