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Exactly What Are Baby Prams?

images (5)After bringing my new girl Khaliya home from the hospital, I realized that there was much to do besides simply parenting & child care. Khaliya’s grandmother immediately started with a list of things to get – toys, a highchair, a baby pram, etc. A pram? What was that I asked? I figured I needed to buy a stroller with a reclining backrest – that was the plan. But after speaking with my mother (Khaliya’s grandmother), I learned that a pram was essential. This was 2 years ago – the classic pram was a foreign word, as it is for many people today.If you wish to learn more about this, visit pram liners.

Everybody knows what strollers are, so what are baby prams? A pram is a small four-wheeled carriage for a small child. According to the dictionary, a carriage is a horse-drawn vehicle. So are prams carriages for babies pulled by a horse!?

Well it can be… but the modern pram is a small carriage, exclusively for a newborn that is pushed by the parent. They are very easy to push and allow your newborn to sleep very comfortably. Most are designed with state-of-the-art suspension & shock absorbers. Prams are essential for newborns over strollers for a couple reasons:

·Newborn is protected – baby prams cover your newborn in a bassinet
·Your child can see you – prams allow the parent to push while facing your baby
·Easy for a newborn to sleep – smooth ride, designed for an infant
·Child lies flat

In my opinion, this is what really defines a pram from a stroller – that is, they are made for newborns, and most importantly, your infant can lie flat in a natural position without the need for a harness. A pram is essentially a portable bed to put it simple.

downloadModern technology & design has allowed the manufacturers to re-work, re-model, and re-design the classic pram carriage. Today, baby prams can last right from your child’s infancy up to the end of your child’s stroller years!

Many prams come 2-in-1, that is, they can lie flat and be used as strollers in later years. Some are even hybrids – joggers & the classic pram put together. Your newborn can sleep or sit upright fastened to a seat belt so you can go out for a jog with your pram jogger.

One of my most admired pram is the Inglesina Zippy. It’s a stroller but you can add a bassinet, that is, a little secure bed in which your infant child can lie flat. The bassinet can be attached to the stroller frame and used as a pram. Hence, an infant is able to sleep in the bassinet when out for walks. The bassinet can also be used as a portable bed when traveling. This system allows you to face your child while walking. The Zippy is also a versatile stroller – convert to this when your child is ready! Many baby prams are now designed this way: saving you money in the long-term.